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Other Interests


Music is a passion, side by side with engineering. I hear a lot of music from Jazz to Classics, from Rock to Alternative. I like fado (Portuguese national song), special the new fado in the voices of Mariza, Mafalda Arnauth, Ana Moura, etc.. I can not list all the music genres I listen, but it is rare, one that I do not. I perceive music that way; like a whole, and I avoid comparing the incomparable, having the wiliness to listen almost everything. I discovered this passion back in my teenager years and it developed considerably during the years that I studied piano in the music school of my hometown, Guarda. I completed the fourth grade of the official basic piano course, between my 14 and 18 but when I moved to Lisboa for study reasons and I dropped the music school. Piano is my beloved instrument. The passion for music remains and it is always present in my life. My master thesis related with music and sounds is an example of that.


Photography is another passion. This one is very young. With few time for piano, photography appeared to compensate that loss but in a different dimension of course. I recently concluded a course in digital photography. Since then I organized an introduction course and I'm currently a founder member of the Photography Group of IST-Taguspark. Digital, because it is the future and it is specially suited for photography learning. These are the tools I use to "write with light".

  • Digital SLR Nikon D50
  • Lens Nikkor 18-55mm AFS DX
  • Lens Sigma 70-300mm DG APO Macro
  • HAMA UV filter, 52mm
  • HOYA UV filter, 58mm
  • HOYA Circular Polarizer filter, 58mm

Access link for my online gallery hosted in the Deviantart community (some writing there, in Portuguese)

Ballroom dances

Classic or Latin, does not matter. Favourites are; Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Paso Doble, Quickstep and others. Without, forgetting a little bit of African rhytms with Kizomba.


Mainly for me. No special attention to the quality. I use it to express myself as I use music and photography. I write texts, stories, poems and chronics. Unfortunately, I do not have much time to write.


A special allure for these flying machines, especially for military aviation. I have little time to dedicate to this hobby

Sport cars

Especially Formula One. The technology fascinates me and I admire the engineering in one of its most beautiful expressions.